LYNX services and related ports:

Port 21/TCP: FTP (no anonymous login) used by the "Collect Service Information" Tool of the LynxCentraal/ greenGUI/ APPolo Control GUI

Port 80/TCP: HTTPD: simple Web-IF. After login: simple configuration of IP-settings etc.

Port 2300/TCP: LYNX internal protocol, (communication LynxCentraal / APPolo Control GUI > APPolo Control Server)

(*) Port 2301/TCP: LYNX internal protocol, (communication APPolo Control Server > LynxCentraal / APPolo Control GUI)

Port 2306/TCP: LYNX remote control (RemoteIF -- used by 3rd party control software)

Port 2306/UDP: LYNX remote control (RemoteIF -- used by 3rd party control software)

Port 2308/UDP: LNCP internal protocol, (used by the LynxCentraal / APPolo Control GUI Network Management Tool to detect Lynx Network Controller Devices)

Port 2308/TCP: LYNX internal protocol, (communication LynxCentraal / greenGUI > greenMachine)

Port 161/UDP: SNMP Agent (get/set commands)

Port 162/UDP: SNMP Agent (traps)

Port 443/TCP: greenMachine Cloud Services
Port 2307/TCP: greenMachine Preview Services

Dynmic Port range: 49152 to 65535 ( Dynamic Port used for CORBA callbacks from the greenMachine or from the APPolo server to the GUI).

The ports used by the GUI applications for various services are not static but are assigned dynamically (the next free port on the system), normally this cannot be avoided on PC systems over which we have no control (or in most cases you don't normally want to), in this case you might have to allow a range of ports in the GUI direction.

(*)  this only applies to LynxCentraal/greenGUI/APPoloGUI: If your network is very restrictive (for dynamic ports too) you can force the LynxCentraal /greenGUI /APPolo Control GUI to local port 2301.

To do so, right - click on the LynxCentraal /greenGUI / APPolo Control GUI desktop icon, click on properties and enter the following behind the path target entry:

 -localPort 2301 


Target: "Path/to/the/APPolo.exe" -localPort 2301

Apply the settings and start the LynxCentraal / greenGUI / APPolo GUI by using this desktop icon.