In the case where you would like to contact us in order to discuss a potential problem with your APPoloControl System you can help us a lot by providing all the logfiles of the system.

A systen consists of APPolo servers and one or multiple APPolo GUIs.

We developed and incorporated a tool in your GUI with this can be easily achieved. It is called "Collect Service Information" and can be found in the menue Help --> Collect Service Information.

Steps in order to download one or more logfiles:

  1. Open the tool and you will see a list of all servers in your system

2. Select "local COM ports" or also shown as "MyComputer", which is the local GUI logfile and then select as many servers as you want to be observed.

3. Click on Next.

4. Fill in your data and a small description of your problem.

5. As you are probably not connected to the internet with your operator host computer, the service collect package is stored locally on your PC and not send via e-mail. Therefore follow the local link in the window and send the package to LYNX Technik AG Technical Support E-Mail: or upload it into our support portal.

We will be happy to help!