With some of the more complex modules having 1000 or more adjustable parameters, some form of backup policy is vital. Settings that are stored on a non-volatile Flash RAM (which will survive power failures) does not protect it against hardware failure.As a result  the device needs to be exchanged with a new unit. Exchanging the hardware would require all the settings to be manually resetted, assuming the settings were actually documented somewhere.

HotSync Backup:

HotSync is a vital feature included in the basic free software package APPoloGUI from Lynx Technik. HotSync adds data security as a reliable and automatic recovery mechanism for configuration data of individual processing devices. HotSync is enabled as a function of a RackController and applies to all devices in the controller's stack. When enabled, HotSync automatically maintains a dynamic copy of the current configuration for all devices. The backup copy is stored inside the controller. You can think of this mechanism as if a backup copy of the device-settings were stored in the slot.
The HotSync Backup feature is a function of the individual controller cards installed in each rack frame. When enabled for the specific controller, it will immediately take an inventory of the modules installed in the rack, and take a copy of all the modules settings which are backed up into the controller's own internal RAM. When the module's settings are changed, the backup copy is immediately (and automatically) appended with the new settings - this ensures the module backup is always current and up to date. The system will detect when the module is removed and exchanged for a new unit, and will automatically restore the backup copy of the settings into the new module. This process only takes a few seconds. This is an ideal solution as there is no backup to initiate or schedule, and is 100% automatic always running in the background.

How to activate HotSync:

In Main Control > selecet "My Computer" > HotSync > from the "Device" tree on the right, select the RCT's you wish to Sync. Once selected, APPoloGUI will show "data secured" status with all the cards connected to the Rack Controller.

HotSync Backup