A constellation is a factory configured combination of processing tools such as HDR, FS, UPXD, embedding/de-embedding, timing and color adjustment etc. Constellations define what video and/or audio functionality is present on each processing path. The greenMachine titan has four 3G processing paths or one 12G processing path. When deploying a constellation, it is possible to choose between types for 3G or 12G 4K/UHD.

All current constellations are present in the greenMachine when delivered.

Processing categories are color coded within the control and configuration greenGUI to clearly identify them:

• Audio I/O is yellow

• Sync is red

• Video Converter is turquoise

• Image Proc is blue

• Generate is green

• Switching is gray

• Monitoring is cadet blue

• Global is magenta

Examples of constellations include:

The FrameSync Quad Constellation -

This configures a greenMachine titan into a quad channel frame synchronizer with basic test generator function and video processing, full audio processing including two Dolby E decoders and MADI input and output and automatic, as well as user adjustable audio and video delay.

The UPXD 4K Constellation -

This constellation provides a broadcast quality 4K/UHD up/down converter with 4x3G Quad Link (2SI) <> 12G Single Link conversion. It also includes powerful scaling capabilities that allow a versatile Region of Interest (ROI) selection. Additional functions include metadata conversion and assignment as well as video processing, audio processing and shuffle, user adjustable timing delays and a 4K/UHD basic test pattern generator.

Other constellations are available and new constellations continue to be released.

The Testor UHD/4K Constellation -

The Testor constellation is the company’s latest offering of test signal generators. Testor is an ideal trouble-shooting A/V tool for technicians and engineers working in the field, in-studio applications and for line-up tasks in master control rooms. Anywhere there is an A/V testing, designing, repairing and troubleshooting environment, the greenMachine Testor will be useful.

The Testor constellation is a video and audio test signal generator that comes pre-configured for the greenMachine titan platform. The 4K constellation offers a Single test generator Channel with 4K/UHD (up to 3840 x 2160p) - 12Gbit/s SDI. The Quad constellation offers four independent test generators handling up to 3G SDI video formats.

Standard static and dynamic video test signals and patterns are included, and for added flexibility, users can upload their own userdefined signal patterns. Logos and text can also be added to the test signals, which is very useful for example for channel identification. The included collection of patterns supports all video standards up to 4K/UHD. User-defined pattern uploads can be resampled for other standards. Plus, the full collection of test signals can be shared with all greenMachine devices in a network. The integrated graphics editor provides a tool for users to place images & logos, add text, and even add user-defined signal patterns and graphics. All items can be moved and edited simply with a computer mouse. A scaler ensures users can scale test patterns to match the format.

The HDR Static Constellation -

The HDR Static Constellation is a broadcast quality HDR to SDR, SDR to HDR or cross standard HDR to HDR converter. It includes a frame sync and up/down/cross conversions. Static HDR applies color and contrast parameters uniformly to produce an average brightness/color range through an entire program.


The 4K constellation provides a single 12G 4K-UHD processing channel. The Quad constellation provides 4 independent processing channels for SDI signals up to 1080p eGbits.


HDR-Static is a powerful tool for handling dynamic ranges and color gamuts, presenting viewers with more dynamic images than previously seen, even without an up-to-date HDR display. It provides conversion functionality, simultaneously combining it with a static (real time) tone mapping algorithm. This application allows the user to perform up-, down- and cross-conversions between common input and output curves including Gamma, PQ, HLG and Slog3 and conversions between full and narrow ranges through appropriate static tone mapping. Conversion between color spaces including Rec. 601, Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020 are also possible. HDR content can also be displayed, by contrast compression, on non HDR-capable TV monitors thus producing a high level of HDR-enhanced image quality for all possible display types.

Currently available greenMachine Constellations