APPolo Design is part of the LYNX Technik APPolo Control System and turns your iPad into a remote control interface for the greenMachine and Series 5000 modular products.

Designed and built with MiniNova in greenMachine, virtual control interfaces can  be used to control any greenMachine in the network.

APPolo Design is the simplest and most flexible way to remote control and monitor a greenMachine and LYNX Technik Series 5000 Modular products.

NOTE:  APPoloDesign will not work to control devices, which are without the Mini Nova APP.

Step 1:

1. Connect your greenMachine to the network.

2. Open greenGUI > Control> Mini Nova/ SuperNova APP to create and save a customized design according to your needs on your greenMachine.


Step 2:
Open Apple APP Store and install APPoloDesign on the iPAD.

APPolo Design
Von Lynx Technik AG

 APPolo Design Von Lynx Technik AG

Step 3:

Open APPoloDesign Use the default login information if not changed:

User Name: ctrl

Password: lynx$ctrl

Server: IP address of the greenMachine


Step 4:

Select a custom Design available at the Server / greenMachine


Step 5:

Simply control your greenMachine through the APPolo Design APP


Step 6: