ONLINE upgrade procedure

The following steps are required to update the firmware of a greenMachine.

Register an update Manager account: 

This account is needed to update firmware through the lynx online database explained later in this document.

In greenGUI go to Configure> Register >Create new account > Next

Type in your contact information and click on “Save”. A request email will be send to LYNX Support automatically.
After your account has been activated, you will receive an email with your login information.

In greenGUI go to Configure> Login:

Type in your login information and click “Save” and restart the greenGUI.  

After restart the greenGUI will show the user as logged in as following:

In greenGUI go to Configure > Update > update to the available version as following:

Once the online update was successfull, greenMachine will automatically reboot with the latest version.

OFFLINE  upgrade procedure

In order to update a greenMachine offline, you will need to download the latest LYNXOfflineDatabase.exe and install.

  • In greenGUI go to GUI Settings > Connection > Connection Settings
  • Enable the checkbox “Offline” as you can see in the screenshot above.

  • In order to confirm, that the Offline database is up-to-date, go to GUI Settings > Local DB

Next step would be to check, whether there is a new firmware version available and install as following:

In greenGUI go to Configure > Update > click update