A greenMachine serial number is necessary to buy a constellation license. The license is loaded into the greenMachine with this specific serial number. This machine is now the “owner” of the license.

Licenses are shared in the universe. If the original owner of license A for Constellation A, gets Constellation B deployed, license A is now available for a different machine to use. If a different machine deploys Constellation A, it will take license A away from the original machine. When license A is no longer needed on the other machine, for instance, Constellation C with license C is deployed, license A moves back to the original owner. If the original machine is not currently in the network at that time, the license will remain with the other machine. When the original machine comes back into the network the license will automatically move back to the original owner.

When a greenMachine, which has licenses is powered down or removed from the network, its licenses are not available anymore. You can export the licenses to another greenMachine before doing this, using the export dialog in the Constellation-Map page. A new serial number must be provided, so the owner of the license can be changed.

Load purchased Licenses

When a constellation license is required it must be purchased from your local LYNX representative. The license will be sent via e-mail as an attached .lxl file and can be stored in a folder of your choice on the greenMachine control-network computer running greenGUI. Then simply open greenGUI and click on the “Load Licenses” button in the Constellation Info tab (see below) and it will be added to the ‘Purchased’ and ‘Unused’ Licenses columns, ready to deploy to the greenMachine of choice.

Licenses can be loaded as following:

1. Run greenGUI and go to Universe > Licenses Tab

2. Select the greenMachine from the device Rolodex on the Left

3. Click Load

4. Select the required license file (filename.lxl) and “open” it.

Note: The serial number of the connected greenMachine must match with the serial number in the license file.

For more information please download the Constellation manual: Click here for download