The HDMI content may have HDCP copy protection, the greenMachine will show HDMI Input present but will block the conversion and provide a black SDI output. 

A lot of playback consumer devices impose hardware HDCP copy protection even if the source media is not copy protected. 

For legal reasons, HDMI conversion products from LYNX Technik AG are designed not to capture, convert or transmit video or audio from HDCP copy-protected sources (e.g. Satellite receivers, Cable receivers, Blu Ray Players etc.).

However, LYNX-Technik offer the possibility to disable the HDCP copy protection after a legal agreement with the customer.

The module(s) require then a unique code to disable the HDCP copy protection. This code is keyed to the serial number and a document needs to be signed for each device, or batch of devices.

The following information is required:

  •  Model number and serial numbers of the devices (from the white bar code label on the rear of the module)
  • Name / title / email address of person authorized to sign legal documents for the company. This needs to be someone senior (VP Engineering / Director or an officer of the company).

Once the agreement is signed, the customer can Unlock the HDCP Protection using greenGUI as following: Run greenGUI > Go to Configure > Settings Tab and enter the provided Code: