There are 3 ways a LYNX-Technik device, e.g. greenMachine can be updated.
Please follow the steps and simple instructions in screenshots:

1. Using LYNX-OnlineDatabase

1. Run LynxCentraal > Update
2. Database Settings
3. Use an existing Account to connect the LynxCentraal to LYNXOnlineDatabase or register to get user/details.
4. Login and download + Check for automatic download for the future.
5. Switch to tab Update>green, select the available update and start.

2. Using LYNX-OfflineDatabase

1. in a web browser, open LYNX-Download web page.
2. Download Offline Database.exe and install on the PC/Notebook running LynxCentraal.
3. Run LynxCentraal>Update>Database Settings>Connection Setting> Check (Offline)
4. Restart LynxCentraal> Update>green, select the available update and start.

3. Update from File

1. Run LynxCentraal> Update> green
2. click the dropdown Menu under update version
3. Select from Disk, select the version saved locally and run update.