How to find out which firmware version is currently installed on my yellobrik device?

#1 Start an upgrade exe-file and check the displayed current > target version:

If you start a yellobrik upgrade exe-file, the upgrade progress will not run immediately. After you have double-clicked

the exe-file (yellobrik device has to be connected via USB) a little window will open with the possibility to start the

upgrade procedure and information which is the current and target version.

Further information about yellobrik upgrades: Application Note 045: Yellobrik Firmware Upgrade Procedure

yellobrik firmware download:

#2 Open the "About this ..." window in the yelloGUI:

If your yellobrik module is supported by the yelloGUI, click here to open the yelloGUI page, you can check the current

version by opening the "About this ..." page.

1) Click on "This ...." >> "About this ..."  at the upper left side (see picture below).

2) The installed firmware version will be displayed in the popup window (see picture below).