APPolo-Control-Server versions 8.2.0 and higher allow, besides manual setting, the use of an NTP time server as reference for the server's system time. In addition, Time-Zone-Setting is supported.

This setting is activated via WebInterface of the server in question. There are two ways to open the WebInterface:

  1. Use a browser
  • Enter the IP-address of the APPoloServer
  • Login as "admin" to the WebInterface of the APPoloServer

  • Use APPolo Control GUI
    • Select the server in the GUI main view - device tree
    • Click the "Web Interface" tab
    • Login as "admin" to the WebInterface of the APPoloServer

        Click "System Setup":

        System Setup

        Use "Time Configuration" to enter NTP server (1) and Time Zone (2):

        Once you have entered an NTP server, manual time-setting is no longer enabled.
        If you want to set System Time manually, you have to clear the field: "NTP time server" first.

        Even in this case the correct setting of "Time Zone" (2) is advisable, as it adapts System Time automatically to annual clock changes.