Settings / configurations which will be stored / not stored in the backup file:


  • Controller (rack frame) attachments
  • Server configurations
  • Display names (user configured names for the modules shown in the APPolo GUI device tree)
  • Auto Control Settings
  • Some module related settings (e.g. "Lock" - status)

Not stored:

  • Event settings (e.g. SNMP Trap enable / disable set in the module Event - Tabs)
  • User Management (new created users on a server, password changes, ...)
  • Custom Control Designs
  • Backup Files

How can I backup the LYNX Server (export and import to same LYNX server)?

  1. If you want to backup the settings of a LYNX server and import it to the same you can right-click on the IP address of the server in the device tree.
  2. Choose "Settings Management" and then "Export" or "Import" to save and / or restore the settings.

How can I backup the LYNX Server settings and transfer it to another LYNX server of the same type?

Enable "ImportTo" in APPolo GUI Configuration (for transferring a backup file to another LYNX server):

  1. Open the APPolo Control GUI and click on MyComputer in the left device tree.
  2. Click on the "Configuration" - TAB.
  3. Enter the following key / value combination in the text fields below:
    2. Value: TRUE
    3. Detailed instruction:
  4.  Restart the APPolo GUI.

Store a backup file of the Server:

  1. Open the Backup - Tool by clicking on the Toolbar - Icon or in the menu "Tools" > "Backup".
  2. Select the LYNX server which settings should be stored by selecting the checkbox on the left side of the server IP address (see picture).
  3. Note: Make sure not to accidentally select a RCT5023 which also has a IP address. The Server is the top - level - IP - knot. Use "Collapse Device Tree" in the menu "view")
  4. Click on the "Start" - button on the down right side.
  5. If you did not change the name of the backup file, a Dialog will appear. Enter a file name and click on OK.

Export the backup file:

  1. When a backup file is created with the Backup - Tool, it will be saved on the LYNX Server itself.
  2. To export it, click on "Tools" > "Backup" and in the Backup - Tool on "Backup File Manager" (button below), or click on "Tools" > "File Manager".
  3. Select the Backup - File in the List and click on "Export" to store the file on your PC / laptop local drive.

Import and Import - To:

  1. If you want to import a backup - file from your local PC drive you have two options.
  2. If the LYNX server is the same / has the same IP address as in the backup - file you can use the "Import" - button in the Backup File manager.
  3. If you want to transfer a Backup - File from one server into another (with different IP address), please use the "Import To" - Button.

Important Hint:

Do not transfer (ImportTo - Button) backup files between different server types, e.g. RCT5031 > SERVER_5023.

Only use backup - files of the same server type, e.g. SERVER_5023 > SERVER_5023 or RCT5031 > RCT5031.

Restore a backup file to a LYNX Server:

  1. Click on the Restore - Tool Icon in the Toolbar or in the menu "Tools" > "Restore" to open the Restore Tool
  2. Choose the Backup - File in the list and click on the "Start" - Button on the down right side.