Note: before streaming live on various platforms, do not forget to enter a DNS server under PEC 1864 Tab System>Network settings  .


Security Notice: PEC-1864 is vulnerable to Authentication bypass (CVE-2023-0750). All versions are concerned, it is recommended to not have it connected to a public network.




Streaming on YouTube


1. Login to YouTube and go to creator studio

2. Go to Live Streaming > Stream now and scroll down to the ENCODER SETUP.

Insert your ENCODER SETUP information in PEC1864 as followed and the PEC1864 is ready to stream:

Stream on uStream


streaming on uStream is the same as on YouTube and Facebook, after getting the Server URL and  Stream key from uStream, set the PEC1864 as following:

Stream on Facebook


streaming on Facebook is not supported by PEC 1864, since Facebook has switched to RTMPS.