The question have frequently been asked by our customers, whether the Ports can be configured or does the device support VLAN, IEE802.1, IEE802.1Q etc. ? 

The core of the OET 1510/40 is basically a managed switch, so a lot of features are possible but since yellobrik is a plug and play “keep it simple” device, we did not develop a complex GUI for more complex configurations. The devices Support the latest  IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging Standards. It has the Ethernet Port 1 configurable, so both ports can be used as separate VLANs. The configuration is only possible via 3rd party port management tools e.g. Cisco etc

The Switch supports IEE 802.Q aswell , If the customer has tagged IP-packets they will be transferred without any additional configuration.

Since we have no IP-management interface it may be a little difficult to configure (but still possible) the OET 15x0 E, if the user wants to UNTAG or TAG VLANs.