Some detail information about OTX1712/ORX1702

The Analog sync modules have two modes,

1. Sync mode - used for analog sync only
2. Video mode used for SDTV composite video content

The OTX 1712 A/D converter is the sending device - which basically takes the analog signal (sync or video) and converts it to SDI to beam out over fiber...
The ORX 1702 is basically a SDI fiber receiver, with a D/A converter inside.

As analog VITC is considered part of the video signal rather than sync - to send video as opposed to sync requires changing the transmitter to send analog video signal, this is done by connecting up the modules to a PC and using yelloGUI software to change settings, one has to change the settings in the transmitter and receiver end. If one of them is set to SDTV Video Content" = OFF, It will strip off any Video content. So in Analog Sync Mode, it will not transmit transparently.

Setting the SDTV Video content to ON, the VITC at is transmitted and receive.